Teton County Emergency Operations Center


Teton County


Teton, Utah

Project Size

4,300 sf






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Teton County Emergency Operations Center

JRCA Architects was selected by Teton County Wyoming to provide programming and design services for the construction of the Teton County Emergency Operation Center and Training Facility. The EOC maintains redundant power and communication systems compliant with National Incident Management Systems (NIMS) Standards. The facility was designed to accommodate up to 60 people during 24 hour/continuous operations. Located at the base of the Teton Mountain in Western Wyoming, the facility was designed withstand seismic, wind, and severe winter conditions associated with this mountain region.

The facility includes:

  • Emergency Operations Center (Configurable as a Multi-Purpose County Training Center)

  • Back-up County Emergency Communications Center

  • Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services (RACES)

  • Kitchen / Break Room

  • Quiet (Decompression) Room

  • Locker Rooms / Showers

  • Administrative Board Room

  • Emergency Management Offices