Springville Civic Center and Fire Headquarters Station

Springville Civic Center and Fire Headquarters Station

Known as the Art City, Springville City brought in JRCA Architects, assisted by CRSA, to create a new Civil Center and Headquarters Fire Station to replace the overcrowded 40-year old facilities located in the center of Springville. A notably historical character for the facility helps it support the historical context for the downtown area.

The Civic Center features separate council chambers and court room. Each function has a separate lobby for waiting. The interior of the facility can be segmented various ways for after hours use.

Services completed: needs assessment, programming, master planning, design, construction administration, and furnishings design.

The Civic Center houses:

  • City Hall

  • Community Meeting Rooms

  • Justice Courts

  • 911 Dispatch

  • Emergency Operations

  • Police

  • Fire Administration

  • Fire Station and Apparatus Bays


Springville City


Springville, Utah

Project Size

Civic Center: 70,500 SF
Fire Station: 19,500 SF




Needs Assessment


Master Planning 


Furnishing Design