Innovating for a Community Palate Since 1983

Through our 34 years of architectural design, we have gained an understanding of the importance that community services provide to the public and the well being it promotes within the community. The process of creating a facility that will optimize our client’s operations, inspires people, creates a sustainable design, and conveys a specific image to the public, begins with our ability to listen and understand. We provide guidance, innovative ideas, sustainable design concepts, and best practices that will ensure our client’s facility is a success.

Our Services

JRCA Architects is a full-service architecture and design firm with offices in both Salt Lake City and Cedar City. We provide many services to meet the goals and objectives of the project, and we understand the importance of designing energy efficient, sustainable, and durable projects.

  • Facility Needs Assessments

  • Existing Facility Evaluations

  • Programming

  • Master Planning

  • Regulator Agency Approval Assistance

  • Facility Design

  • Interior Design

  • Construction Phase Administration

  • Sustainable Design (Including LEED)


As active members of the US Green Building Council, and with many of our staff achieving LEED accreditation, we strive to incorporate sustainable design principles in all of our projects. We encourage decisions at each phase of the design process that will reduce negative impacts on the environment, balance life-cycle costs, and create a healthy work environment for the building’s users and occupants without compromising the project budget.

We are excited to demonstrate our ability to balance schedules, budgets and constructability, with innovative and exciting design solutions that respond to your specific project goals.     



Brighton Millicent Elevation.jpg

In Dec 2012, JRCA Architects completed the construction of our Public Works Facility. The project was completed on time and at budget. In my 30+ years of construction experience I have never worked with a firm that was always looking out for my best interest until we brought JRCA Architects on board. Their design, quality control, and oversight was impeccable. They have a high lever of construction knowledge and experience that kept the project moving at a rapid pace without compromise to quality. Their personnel were respectful, professional and team players. They worked hard to provide the best resources and ideas that made this a state of the art facility.
This being said, I give my highest recommendation of JRCA Architects for providing Riverton City a quality facility that we are proud of and will occupy through the build out of the City.
— G. Trace Robinson P.E. - Public Works Director and City Engineer, Riverton Public Works