Sandy Public Works

Sandy Public Works

Sandy City broke ground on the public works building damaged by fire more than a year ago. Working with City Staff and Administration, Prepare Facility Space Needs Assessment addressing current requirements and allowance for projected growth. JRCA developed a Facility Master Plan to replace the old public works building.

Office Area and Common Space Highlights

  • 2 Dispatch / Facility Reception Spaces

  • 13 Private Offices

  • 20 Open Office / Touchdown Spaces

  • Executive Conference Room

  • Combined Multi-purpose and Training Space, sub-dividable into two equal spaces. Accommodates 142 occupants when combined

  • Combined Kitchen / Breakroom adjacent to Multipurpose and Training Space. Accommodates 92 occupants

  • Adequate personal equipment lockers to accommodate a wide variety of clothing, gear storage, etc.

  • Adequate shower and changing rooms

  • Fitness facilities

  • Large active and archive storage spaces

  • Multi-function Central Copy/ Library/ Workroom

  • Adequate Electrical, Communications, and Mechanical Spaces

Fleet Area Highlights

  • 14 Mechanic / Equipment Repair bays

  • 3 Administrative Offices

  • Parts and Tire Storage

  • Separate Fluid Storage and Compressor Storage

    Building area – 79,916 S.F.

    Site area for development – 263, 519 S.F. or 6 Acres