New Shade Structure at SUU's Balcony Bards Seminar Grove

Next time your down at the Utah Shakespeare Festival @ Southern Utah University and participate in one of the Play Seminars you can sit in the shade. What's a Play Seminar? They describe these on their website - - as:

"If you have ever wanted to share your views about Festival plays, their interpretation, and subtle nuances (or to hear the views of others), the Play Seminar is for you. Theatre scholars (with play directors and actors joining in at times) lead the discussions, allowing audience members to engage in a lively give-and-take where everyone learns. Located in the Balcony Bards Seminar Grove from June 30 to September 23, 2017.

Actors also host seminars there where you ask them questions about their careers and roles.

You also will want to visit the Balcony Bards Seminar Grove before you see any production during a Play Orientations where you can learn about the plays prior to the performances.