Pleasant Grove Fire Station No. 71 Hose Cutting and Grand Opening

Excellence in Service

January 18, 2019 was the Pleasant Grove Fire Station No. 71 Hose Cutting and Grand Opening. This new fire station is 22,920 sf and the fire headquarters includes 5 apparatus bays, fire fighters housing, fire administration, training and community meeting space, and museum/display space.

The service men and woman of Pleasant Grove risk theirs lives to save our lives everyday to protect the wonderful city. They deserve a building they can be proud of and look forward to step into when they are resting and spending time with friends and family. This new facility will give the fire fighters, EMS, and staff an adequate amount of space to do their jobs more effectively and efficiently for now and into the future. The Pleasant Grove community is strong and a family. The community needed a facility that represented their values and the citizens of Pleasant Grove.

The Chief Thomas presented Jim and Chris with city coins for there help in designing a facility and putting together a team who built a facility that meets the city's needs and wanted. This was an honor to be recognized for our hard work and dedication to the success of this project.