Utilizing Virtual Reality in Architecture

Imagine you walk into the courtroom in the new justice center you have been designing for years. Your eyes are being drawn up the wall by the wood panels than to the distinctive warming windows. At that point, your eyes are drawing to the dynamic ceiling tiles, and now understand how the room is coming together. Then you take the virtual reality (VR) goggles off, and you are back into the meeting room.

Grantsville Justice Center

Grantsville Justice Center

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“According to a survey in CGarchitect, the leading users of VR for architectural visualization are in Europe (40 percent) and the United States (21 percent), with commenters saying that the technology will be revolutionary for the industry.”

In this technology-driven world, architectural design has discovered the benefits when communicating with clients more effectively. One tool that has become a valuable tool when presenting facility designs to clients is virtual reality (VR) modeling. JRCA Architects has been applying VR when introducing building designs to clients and found that this type of digital model, people can understand and conceptualize the facility better.

“Virtual reality is a computer-simulated environment, accessed through stereoscopic goggles that include a variety of different tracking mechanisms that track the viewer’s movement in physical space, and matches those movements within the simulated 3D environment,” explained Jon Brouchoud.

JRCA has been employing Building Information Modeling for over a decade-- by working closely with our consultants, we can construct comprehensive digital models. While we have found that digital walkthroughs projected on a screen do a good job, they cannot compare to the wholly immersive experience of virtual reality.


On our most recent projects, we have had owners and users in our office to experience virtual reality and has proven to be very successful in communicating the facility design options to the owners. In the virtual reality experience, you can turn and walk or look around at your leisure. Our current clients express that they now understand how the building feels and see the logic and the design that just is not conveyed in the digital fly through.

Interactive Design Review:

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