Community steps in to help Utah's First Trinity African Methodist Episcopal Church

Just a few doors down from our office on 600 S., is Trinity African Methodist Episcopal Church. Trinity African Methodist Episcopal church was built in 1907 and has since been part of the Salt Lake City community. However, the roots of the church, in Salt Lake City, date back to the 1890’s. When an organizational meeting was held with a goal to build a church to worship in (Harvey, 2013).

“The role that this church has in the neighborhood, the historic nature of it, that's why we've been willing to help out and get involved,” says Jim Child, the President of JRCA Architects.

Over the years, there has been a continuous problem of water flooding the basement of the church which makes the basement unusable. The State Division of Water Resources completed research to determine what the causes of the flooding were, and in the study, it was determined the main issue come from an underground water source near the church, and because of this, there is nothing that can be done, according to the state (Mikita, 2012).

JRCA Architects and other community members have been trying to help this church in solving the flooding issue into the basement of the church. Jim Child, the President of JRCA Architects, has spent time working with the state and the church to build a plan and design alternatives that will solve the flooding of the basement.

With help from the interfaith roundtable and community members, fundraising efforts are at Zions Bank to raise donations for the $300,000 for the renovations (Mikita, 2012).

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