Grantsville City awards JRCA Architects with project to design their new Justice Center

We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded the project to design the new Grantsville City Justice Center. This project will create a combined law enforcement and justice court facility that will serve the city far into the future.

The primary objectives of this project will include creating a functional, efficient, and supportive work environment for the Grantsville City Police Department and Justice Court as well as an inviting and convenient community facility for the citizens of Grantsville.

Quote from the RFP Grantsville City put out for this project: "This building would be used by the Grantsville City Police Department and the Grantsville City Justice Court. This building needs to have a space for publicly accessible conference rooms, administrative conference rooms, a court room, judicial chambers, police administration offices, evidence retention area, suspect detention area, secure area to load and unload suspects in detention."

The above graphic is a quick rendering we put together when we previously worked with the city on a Master Plan related to this project.