Construction Update on Utah Valley Dispatch Special Service District

The Utah Valley Dispatch Special Service District is a public safety communications center answering 911 emergency calls for police, fire and emergency medical needs throughout Utah County. The communications center provides dispatch services to nineteen cities, towns and unincorporated areas of Utah County.

Having outgrown their current location within the Utah County Justice Center, JRCA has been task with creating a new facility that provides a supportive environment for dispatchers and can house current and future technology.

The new facility will include:

  • 911 Call Receiving and Dispatch

  • Emergency Operations Center

  • Training Facilities

  • District Administration

  • Communication Tower

The new facility will be approximately 12,600 S.F. Construction recently began and steel has gone up – pictured below.

Prior to construction for the new Utah Valley Dispatch Facility the ground was prepared with Geopier ground improvement solutions to provide economical liquefaction mitigation. Soil liquefaction can have devastating effects on buildings in seismically active regions. This installation reduces the potential for liquefaction by providing a stiff, non-liquefiable inclusion to the liquefiable soils. The installation happens 25 feet underground. You can watch a video of this installation on our YouTube channel.