Utilizing Low Impact Development Design for the New Sandy Public Works Operations Facility

2017.09.29 Planning Commission Rendering.jpg

Sandy Public Works- during the design process with Sandy City, we worked with the city to introduce pre-treatment utilizing low impact development (LID) design into the new facility.  The state of Utah is requiring municipalities, who discharge storm water to the Jordan River or other major tributaries, to introduce pre-treatment utilizing LID’s or other bio-cleansing systems to any facility.

Sandy web page http://sandy.utah.gov/departments/public-utilities/public-utilities-projects


We Public Works Department has been working with JRCA Architects and Ensign Engineering to design a new facility at 8775 S 700 W.  It is expected that construction of Phase 1 of the project will begin in March.  We contracted with Michael Baker International to incorporated Low Impact Development (LID) design into design of the new Public Works facility site.  Sandy City desires to have the new facility be a model for future development of how LID can be implemented.

LID elements that will be incorporated into the design include bio-swales, bio-retention areas, rain gardens, pervious concrete, underground detention storage, routing roof drains and hard surface areas to landscaped areas, and use of structural treatment devices.  Michael Baker is working on the design and coordinating the design with Ensign Engineering.  We have been participating in coordination meetings for the design

We are also working on a grant application for money available from the Utah State Department of Water Quality (DWQ) for this type of project.  We will be submitting the application in the next couple of weeks.  We have met with DWQ and they have indicated that they are very excited about this project that it meets the criteria for the funding.