Intermountian Healthcare Draper Clinic


Intermountian Healthcare Draper Clinic

Intermountain Healthcare established three basic requirements when planning the Draper Clinic: Design for an efficient and healing environment for both patients and staff, provide operational flexibility within the built environment in conjunction with future expansion, and provide building articulation and exterior finishes to reflect the Intermountain brand.

The Draper Clinic provides ample amounts of natural lighting within the main waiting areas on both floors that provide stunning views of the Wasatch range and South Mountain area. Creating a strong connection to the natural environment, a key aspect when creating a healing environment, attributes to reducing a patients healing time and  promotes staff well being. Interior spaces were planned with minimal impact from structural elements to ensure operational flexibility and adaptability with future healthcare practices . With the planned expansion area at the east side, structural and architectural elements are designed for removal and re-use while site utilities and the geo-thermal fields were coordinated to not interfere with future expansion.

The exterior facade includes four materials and colors, which are common to Intermountain facilities: Aluminum Curtainwall, Brick Veneer, Natural Stone & Aluminum Composite Paneling. With proper site placement and facade articulation, the buildings identity, and brand, quickly becomes familiar and inviting while maintaining a strong presence with surrounding developments.

LEED for Healthcare

The Draper Clinic is pending LEED for Healthcare certification which will be the first project to be certified in the State Of Utah under this category of LEED.

The Draper Clinic offers patients the following services:



            -Family Medicine

            -Physical Therapy

            -Education Classroom

Project Facts:

Project Size: 20,750 S.F.

Completed:  September 2014