Designing for a New Patient Experience -- 3P Workshop with Intermountain Healthcare


Renovation the New Intermountain Healthcare Room Service Kitchen

Intermountain’s 3P Continuous Improvement Workshop – last week, JRCA and Intermountain Healthcare had a workshop to review the Food and Nutrition Initial Concept and Operational layouts for Intermountain Healthcare Room Service Kitchen Renovation. The workshop used the 3P process, which provides the user groups the opportunity to evaluate and test various solutions to determine which solution best supports the overall goals and objectives.

We have hosted several of the 3P Continuous Improvement Workshops and notice the benefit of the workshops in the overall design and end product. The workshop gives us the ability to evaluate an evidence-based patient and staff workflows in an interactive design workshop process. The evaluations will allow for the identification of not only building waste, but also operational waste and increase in delivery of patient care. The visual representation is an excellent way for the user groups to test out the options and better visualize what the room is going to look like and how they see themselves working in the space.

In this workshop we were able to talk through some problem areas that might prove problematic due to the demands of the Intermountain facility. Just a few tweaks in the design and we have a design that meets all the owners wants and needs in a room service kitchen. The Intermountain team stayed very engaged throughout the exercise and was able to analyze the two-room designs critically to give us feedback to improve the designs efficiency.  We are excited for the project to start construction and to watch the space come alive.